Granted …

Granted I have a lot to share and I wish to share in the next coming blogs im still undecided what route I want to go with this blog weather I want to explore writing in Spanish or expanding my style in English or simple a combination of both.

Granted it’s that time of year when your either super happy or gloomy or really a mix of both types of feelings.I can truly say I’m in the between phase .Happy with myself which for a longtime I had not been happy with myself .But also angry sad and confused about my breakup.Talking about my breakup is messy I can talk about it now but granted a few months ago everything was tears.Yesterday I was shopping and I ran into a girl my ex and I both knew granted she use to like him but he liked me lol anyways she asked me how I was and how me and my ex where if we were married by now I laughed and said girl we broke up almost a year ago she said oh I’m sorry.At the moment I brushed it off but later I got kinda upset.

My ex and I were the couple that didn’t fight mostly because he was the passive aggressive type.He was chill and pretty much always gave me my way but enough of him .Next month it will be a year it’s been a wild year but that deserves it’s own post ble.Granted join the ride for that’s coming next !Night bloggers exhausted thank you for joking allprettythoughts

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