Writing ghost

I haven’t been able to write well at least not like I use to.A part of me is fearful I’m afraid of who may read what I write and for it to be stolen .Its not even the been stolen part that gets me it’s the judgement.As you read this it may make no sense what’s so ever.I’ll fill in the blanks a few months ago my older blog account which I had worked on for two years was used against me.Someone rampaged thru the blog to use it in a hurtful way and cyber bully me.It crushed me and I still feel robbed from my feelings.This person is not very kind .Since then I’ve struggled writing I want to write short stories about my experience but they all seemed a bit slightly caged.My content may not be the best but I’ll aim to treat this as notes until I feel completely ready to dive in I currently I’m struggling to even write a dammm card for anyone why because it’s such an intimate process.

Xoxo Eva

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