Sigh it started at as the worst year 2016 ended roughly as I managed to fall in depression and travel to keep myself busy .

2017 my three year relationship ended as it seemed to be falling apart through out 2016.However on Jan 2nd 2017 that relationship ended.It broke me to pieces .I loved my ex boyfriend but more the idea and comfort of that three year relationship.He brought balance to my life but we weren’t happy.I knew it in my gut but I went thru the phases of the breakup.I cried my eyes in and out. I had never cried so much.I ended up going to therapy to work on myself.I decided to take life back in my own hands focused on my mental health and fitness.It took a long while for me to see the light.Getting thru my breakup took me thru all the feelings it seemed like I would never get out of it.My bookclub came to an end.I became a bridesmaid for my friends upcoming wedding .I saw one of my best friends walk out of my life.We are currently aiming to mend the friendship.I made endless new friends I was vulnerable I was free.I connected with people and I was spontaneous. I saw Hawaii .

2017……you were the worst when I felt at my lowest points but thanks for the lessons

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