2018 prospects

I’ve never felt so lost in my life I’m excited happy but goddamm I’m lost and I hate it with all my heart.I wanna feel home.For the new year I want to work on a couple things.

1.speak for full on Spanish

2.read more (audiobooks)

3.Write more- ever since I experienced that issue with my previous blog I have felt robbed of my voice but I’ll be back and slowly build up again

4.save money and pay off loans

5.less eating out

6.lose the last 15lbs

7 balance

8 work on self love and work on being more confident

9.work on relationships

10 being open to failures and successes

11.less crying def

12. Healing and letting go

13. Forgiving the past

14.be responsible

15 be honest

16 laugh

17 figure out what I want in a partner

18 love again

19 freedom

20 define happiness for me

I wanna continue to be positive and attract nothing but positive vibes towards my life.

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