Blue eye

He made his way back into her life in a flash of 10years.She liked him when she was a mer squirt she gifted him a small teddy bear for Valentine’s Day over a decade for sure.Reunion reunite people and nowadays with social media people are on the click of a button.

They saw each other again at the reunion both with messy pasts both with broken hearts carrying them close to their sleeves .I fast forward to a week ago.She was confused on what his deal was but she liked him and liked his sudden attention.They had been texting for a week and she had doubts.He finally followed thru and it was a second date or a second hangout.They watched Star Wars it was the first time she watched a movie with an other guy other than her ex.And most importantly it was Star Wars .Her ex made her fall in love with the franchise .The first three mins were hard.He made her feel comfortable they joked laughed and had a good time overall.She liked him you see that was a big deal after a long haul of not liking no one but her ex.They had dinner and things were nice.Until today she was stressing like a normal or maybe not normal women .He suddenly seemed uninterested in her she texted him to hang and he didn’t reply with a yes or a no.It was more of a maybe but with no formal verdict.Thoughths of rejection definitely crossed her mind.Nut she bravely told herself girl you did nothing to him.He maybe simply didn’t like you like he claimed he did. You see blue eyes I thought you were pretty perfect.You were better than my ex but you simply didn’t want to be around me I suppose I’ll update what happens with this blue eyed character or if the story ends here night

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