Holding on


This post will indeed be all over the place.My therapist mentioned to me the idea that I was trying to hold on to everything.I thought about and and wondered in it for a few days .Suddenly it hit me she was right.My one year being single anniversary had just hit and I was feeling stuff for the ex.I had just opened the idea to hanging out with someone and liking them even tho that seems like a far fail.The my ex ex ex had text me trying to resurface in my life.

I feel lost and stall sad I’m happy but I’m seeking validation I feel incomplete .Im angry with my ex I’m an angry I can’t explain.Im I’m a werid phase I want to feel sad but I can’t .I haven’t fully let go.I want to this guy that I liked I judged myself based on what he does which makes no sense.Im trying to figure out how can I adjust myself and not feel this anger this rage and this lost feeling I often times feel I can cry it out and it can Easliy leave me.Its a shitty feeling I kinda wanna be off social media for a bit but can I idk I’m to invested in nonsense I want to focus on my goals but again I’m floating I feel I’m floating I’m lost confused and a little lost.Overall in a better place but lost

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