Her coldest night (2009 files)

Lets go!…
He told her in a demanding voice.Why are you kicking me out(she says as she’s on the floor and he’s standing sending a text)

I told you it would be quick he replied to her.

Let me use the restroom she asked ,No he said again  as he insisted to leave, “lets leave he said”(  her vomit was in the candle)

There were tears on her face as she picked herself up with her bag in hand.He starts setting up the alarm  for the apartment you see he was robbed a few weeks ago,he cant trust no one.Before leaving he says I have to ask you something?

He repeats himself I want to ask you something?outside?

They both  walk into the cold ,she cleans the tears from her face leaving her face clear from her guilt. It was an extremely  cold November night ,the night had a different darkness to it.

As he walked towards the cars she followed behind him he carried the candle with her vomit.As he looked at the candle with disgust ,while walking towards the trash,she says sorry and he simply laughs.He throws the candle into the trash.

As he throws the candle it almost seems  as if time had frozen,for both of them,there thoughts stayed still in the freezing night  just for a split second.When he looks over at his car than looks over at her and he sees the sadness and fear inside  her teary eyes.She wants to understand him so badly(maybe its her dying love for him)He asks her why are you so damn emotional?I have feelings you know she replied with a sudden sass.He looks at her with those eyes that he can care less about whats going on.He tells her what is it  you want?
As cold as it was outside her mind was shut to think properly it had become a dead end question to her because she replied with what do you want?
Me nothing he replied with such certainty  in his answer than he asked her why are you crying?She felt the coldness fill her whole body.She replied to him I don’t  know what I want I just have a gut filling about you,maybe its an attraction that I shouldn’t  feel,I defiantly should hate you but I simply cant,I don’t think its love,because you simply don’t have a drop of love inside of you for me.
He looks at her deeply.He responds to her answer why do you let yourself go by an attraction and give the best of you?
She now feels frustration among her face and tells him,I don’t know there’s something in your eyes,they tell me something( He is unaware she know about his sadness)
He turns on  his car and looks at her simply tell her,well seeAs she’s filled with coldness she looks at him and say well see what?He replies with his witty smile slightly confused(that she loves) “ I don’t know what to tell you”
She than turns on her car with a fury in her soul as they both drive off they are side by side at the light. She tells herself don’t look at him don’t look at him.As she drives she starts thinking may he be right? Why do I feel this? And suddenly her tears rush her face like a hard rain and cry is unstoppable. She merges onto the freeway; at fast speed 80 miles per hour, she can’t see the cars. She just thinks about her thoughts that are louder than any noise outside her vehicle.She arrives to her stop out of orbit and thinks and thinks she calls him only to tell him she can’t find her sleep that the minutes have passed and still she cant fall asleep. Why of all the nights that he’s taken her sleep this one in particular she can’t sleep. However this night his words have frozen her heart still unlike nights before.

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