I’ve felt more alone, I don’t know if I’m really trying to figure it out? Or simple isolating myself .Ive felt the need to reach out to people because I’ve felt low I’ve felt unbalance ,but hey it’s January’s and most people have sad it’s normal.I don’t know if it is but I feel unbalanced.I also realized how my friendship with my best friend has changed not gonna lie I’m kinda hurt by it but I’m also understanding I feel bad because I don’t ask her how she’s doing sometimes and just sprinkle my life to her because I feel I don’t get a lot of time like before.Sigh.Ive restored to more junk and high levels of stress.I crave a change but also deeply fear it.Work has been uneventful and simply ehh at times frustrating .My knee is killing me my shoes and had posture sure don’t help.Today as I was driving home I had a moment of man I miss him and it’s okay spite everything I miss him.I miss what we had what we had built how he fits in my life now I doubt that even possible but I miss that friendship that love that bond.He was a person I could be myself and that was okay it sucks.But yeah as I felt that in my heart I thought it’s okay to feel that I still hate him and yeah I wanna flip him off totally .

My goals I’ve been obsessed with my wieght forever and when I look at older pictures I see how awkwardly I pose lacking self confidence.ive worked so hard to get where I’m at now that deep down I know ive been slacking the pass month.This week I won’t drink soda I won’t eat out I won’t I won’t .I will stick to working out and follow my meal plan to the tee tee.Night worls

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