Lets catch up…

Hey… whats up… I’m in a funk and I don’t know were to drift.First of all the weather in nor california blows its been 30 degrees and its really cold.I simply can’t function.I’ll admit I’m grouchy most of the day and I don’t wanna bother with it.I want to eat because I’m bored yes I workout because I like it and I low key have to.If I stop working out, I’ll probably blow up no joke.Work has been ugh, okay I’ll admit its a drag like anything its a roller coaster some highs and other lows.

Me emotionally speaking i’ve been ehh needy feeling.Valentines hit me like a water ballon in the face.I know everyone hates to say valentines is important but for me it is.Knowing my ex was spending it with someone else really made me feel blue.I also came to conculsion that I’m still angry I’m still mad.I’m still hurt the other day i shed a tear because I realize fuck this has happened and where I’m now.Progress has been good but currently in a funk as I look forward many things but thing that truly excites me.

side note I really wanted to eat  frozen french bread pizza but man my stomach aches:(

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