Trying to get over the Funk

Man staying in sometimes sucks.I feel if I don’t have nothing going on I either nap or I eat which both aren’t optimal.I feel I haven’t been on my A game when it comes to work just not feeling myself.My friendships haven’t been feeling full either.Maybe thats why I hesitate from having my friends reading my blogs.I use to like having my friends and boyfriend read my  adventures sometimes the narrative was a tad comical but I enjoyed it.Now its been hard to share my writing. I want to get back to writing about things I enjoy but truly feel like I do.When I started to  feel depressed in 2016 my blog post felt very forced but I felt I had so many things to share I felt I had to write about them. Currently I’m trying to find my way back to writing and being able to share my experiences in the blog style where I felt comfortable.

Friendships ehhh.I feel I haven’t been such a good friend  I’ve felt very selfish.Yes this pass weekend I did hangout with both of my close friends but with one of them my friendship just feels all different.I’ve also felt like if one friend cant do something I’m determined not to stop doing something and find another friend to do the activity with.Again I don’t know if its the weather or the month or the days but I’ve felt like so outta of  it and unmotivated.

In terms of fitness I stayed working out for the most part  i enjoy it minus the current weather next week I will aim to stay more motivated.I know I have to build up my blogger base again which I have been lazy with  tags because tags take work.Peace out cheers to more productive blogs and less ,less rants.


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