15 things I learned on a 24hr turn around flight

So I literally flew into Orange County and flew back to Sacramento all within 24hrs a dream really lol but I learned a lot in just one day.

1.being uncomfortable is okay on this flight everything about the flight made me uncomfortable especially the scheduling and thinking of the logistic that had to take place in 24 hrs

2. Having extra time on your hands is always okay

3. I caught a taxi from the airport to hotel solo

4. I took a Uber alone at night scary not gonna lie but my drivers were smooth sail

5. I sat at a bar alone (fuck and no one talked to me just the bartender to ask if I wanted more soda 😫)

6. I shameless ate my steak at the bar like it was no ones business

7. On my flight to and from I sat in the middle seat on my way to I sat between two big dudes and I survived

8. Sometimes you have to talk to strangers and it’s okay

9. A smile can change your mood guy behind while boarding my flight smiled at me cause the lady way way behind us was saying some outrageous stuff not to wanna laugh so smile it was

10. I’m picky as fuck with food which makes me feel ungrateful and a bratty 28yr old kid

11. You can still get a workout while waiting for lay overs walked 3miles in the airport

12. If family is close take the time to see them 2hrs doesn’t hurt no one…seen my cousin and caught for a catch up

13. A change of scenery can always motivate you

14. Getting drove around is nice but also not I felt boogie and useless

15. I spilled my drink on my flight home and man it made me so sad 😭(story on that later)

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