I read all these blog posts I’ve posted and my blog is not what it once was.There has been a shift, these blogs are usually of me just coping with the new reality and man its been a year and almost a half to think this time last year I was still hoping to get back with my ex.I remember the last time we had hungout was early May to watch the  guardians of the galaxy two, it was a great movie it was slightly awkward because having  a great time with someone you love and no longer being with them truly sucks.As bitter sweet that moment was so many things have happened since.My mindset has shift, I still struggle,I’m not as angry as before but those feelings may still be there may not as strong.I’m excited for whats next there are truly many things I have to look forward and I couldn’t be more grateful.As many things have shifted in my personal life in the pass year I realize how much I change as the days go by.Yet another thing I still haven’t been able to fully grasp is my blog.I want to be more dedicated but I come up with excuses of why I dont want to.I have so many things to write and share.I’m thinking of bridging into the podcast world crazy but it just by something to look forward to.But I want to share in this post that seems to be going no where other than just me voicing I still care about the blog but It will be shift until I find my true calling in writing as I write this I think about all the possible blogs I can write about but for now now that this is the most content Ive been in a while.

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