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Its been repeating ,that I’m not constant on this other then being super busy and trying to do everything.I legit have downtime to write and create things.But I haven’t and yes there is a lot of fear behind it,how much is to much or why write all falls in between that feeling.My previous blog was stocked back on October and I think I wrote about that early into this blog.But since then I haven’t been able to give my new blog a purpose.Its been mostly how I’m coping with my new reality which by now seems old.All the new things I try but also doesn’t seem helpful.

Things I’m currently obsessed with…


Online shopping

Working out

Eating healthy finds

Pictures oh  lots of Pictures

As I’m enjoying some of these things, I wanna be obsessed with my blog again maybe I’ll start by writing about the things I’m currently obsessed  with I will slowly try and phase off the progress-type catch up style writings, but as of right now I’m going to continue them because I feel  I still need them for myself ,I’m also note gonna lie I’m bummed that I lost all my followers,viewers to my blog that I haven’t even tried to make it so I can gain followers ,I been restricted with my blog for the same reason .But hey lets keep the figures crossed hoping that I stay true to this.

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