Things that happened in “February detox”

I was reading thru multiple drafts I have that have been incomplete here’s one that was worth reading



Wow I can’t believe month number two is starting tomorrow,I’ll admit I’ve felt blue I’ve felt outta place,I’m not fond of the weather that’s forsure.Gosh I  purchased a dresser the other day and somehow I thought all my problems would fly away.

I actually purchased a dresser I remember my outfit was hella extra did my dresser save my problems some its cleaner but I think I just have more clothes.

I’ll admit it did fix the problem but I realize I have to much clothing and so much money has gone into all that clothes.I’m trying to sell some of the items online which let me tell you its difficult.Many of my items are gently used and I will admit I want new items for the summer as well I’m ever ending.

Still buying stuff….ugh I NEED to stop

If my fam are reading this for my birthday forever 21 or Marshalls gift cards would be very much appreciated. Anyways there I go ranting.So my plan for this month is I’m on a very restricted budget like I mentioned before my spending has been crazy.As of right now I cancelled my extra gym membership ,I’ve cancelled netflix which lets be real is only saving me 35 bucks  this month but in a year a total of 420 which lets be real that a  plane ticket.So for this upcoming month I’m cutting out the shopping as much as it hurts my soul,I have to be realistic either I have to get rid of many things.

Its been hard to be with out  netflix but I’ve managed I  watch on amazon prime.

Fitness and nutrition needs to be a priority as I’m approaching my last month of my nutrition plan I need to hit my goals and losing these last 15lbs is priority .I probably wont lose them all in this upcoming month but I want to make sure that I’m left with only 5 lbs to get their.Next week I will be working out in the morning and making time for running in the afternoon and some swimming and maybe also some tennis.Again I have a habit of wanting to do everything .

I haven’t hit my goal but I’m trying to refocus its hard:( and my nutrituion dude hasnt cut me off

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