So much… but..

There’s so much that I want to share and explode of all the happiness I’ve been feeling and then I think god also be sending me these little reminders.I have been happy with myself even tho I’ll admit I have been as careful with my body in terms of what I’m putting into it.I’ve also found myself just excited.I started to feel that smile after a text and hopefully for what is next.I’ve been giddy.I  seen a shooting star yesterday and gosh, I was so excited I didn’t even make a wish,but I just know so many amazing things are heading my way:)I cant help but smile…….

Today I had plans they fell thru I was stressed, because of family stuff and I have a busy week.My plans falling out started making me feel like some thing about me was the problem, then I thought fuck this is way relationships have gone sideways for me because I think its always something about me thats wrong.I know its not but I couldn’t help I wanted to not feel that way.I wanted to book a trip, I did some online shopping and I can clearly say that I have a birthday dress well also because I don’t feel like purchasing anymore.anyways like I said I’ve just felt at such high.This weekend I’m visiting a place I’ve never been before and I’m so excited.I’ve been feeling the need to go to canada and booking italy ahh make me stop.I have a busy summer coming ahead and as my birthday comes close I’m excited.This upcoming week is gonna be so great I just know it. SO yeah I currently bummed but I wanna think positive and tell myself I’m not cursed…I’m not cursed. Excited I’ll admit Idk if it because TOM is here or I just simply emo lol i’m out just know i’VE BEEN really happy and I wanna skip really high:P

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