I moved on and I haven’t accepted it

I moved on after a year and a half .I’ve moved on and I remember a year ago I was crying in a hotel room and seeking friends and even my ex to keep me sane.It was only 5months of the breakup and I felt hopeless with hope to be with my ex again and maybe this story is old but today I realize I moved on.I wanted to hold on to it but I can’t I don’t want to hold on anymore seeing he move on hurt a while ago it killed it snug me but now I don’t care.I thought I did I thought it hurt it’s not pleasant but I know myself is better without it.So cheers to moving on and accepting it.At the end of the day I’m grateful for who I’ve become and the changes I’ve seen and how happy I’m with myself that with my ex I wasn’t able to achieve and him breaking my heart making me a better person cheers to that.The pass is the pass and the future is scary but I’m enjoying this new ride night I’d write more maybe tomorrow but I have an early workout so this will do for now night world I’m celebrating

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