LIFE update

I know I said I would be more constant  on this blog and as we are literally half way thru the year I’m hoping I can stick with that.I just got back from a trip of a life time and now it seems crazy that I took that trip its the furthest I’ve ever been and I was so hesitate to take that trip.Nonetheless my life has changed so much in the pass month its crazy.In the pass  one and a half  I’ve traveled twice and preparing myself for my next trip.I originally had planned to be out for about 12 days and today I cut trip short and I’m excited to be there for a full five days and I’m excited.God I’m crazy but hey yolo right.Many things in my life have me very happy even thought things in my extended family seem rocky or unstable I can’t help but feel happy.Let me remind you though I’m ulterally broke and slaving but utterly postive things will work out.

My birthday is literally tomorrow and compared to last year I’m so excited that I cant hold it in:).I’ll come to terms if i can write about everything that has been happening the good the bad the ugly and the fuckin wonderful stuff.


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