It’s been the happiest times and the stressful of times… catch up

I always talk about how I will be more on it when it comes to this blog but it simple just hasn’t happened.It’s been a struggle finding my voice or my new groove when it comes to writing and expressing myself.Things have been great and also a struggle in the midst  of everything.I will share so of my adventures of the summer because simply why not.My grandfather recently passed away about a month ago, and I will be honest its been hard to process he’s actually gone.The summer has been a bit chaotic in terms of traveling being here and there and everywhere.I’ve enjoyed it but I’ve also missed home,I’ve also come across stress about what’s next in life.Things are so great but then there’s many things that truly have stressed me out,from dealing with my weight falculations and  dealing with certain insecurities which truly have become unnecessary  stress.

The stress has become an issue and I really don’t want to feel that way at all.I know the stress doesnt help with my weight goes up and down.I still have been working out but gosh I dread going at times.I need to find my love for working out and staying focus again.I’ve been the happiest girl too it’s crazy to think how much my life has changed.This time last year I felt lost and devasted.Now I feel happy and a bit lost in terms of whats next but also very excited and happy and smily but I will leave that for you in the next post.I recently heard that on july 27th some lunar event is going on and its suppose give us some type of rebirth or if you already feel a  little out of orbit then that means that there is already a shift being made.I think I’m ready for that rebirth and everything is just going to get better.

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