You thought

I cried I burned some bridges in a span of two hours I went crazy I’ll tell you my dark secret.

He called me today and said he needed time to figure out some stuff it’s dark stuff I’ll admit.I couldn’t believe what I was hearing how could this happen if a few days ago things were normal.He suffers of a couple things but I knew that.I just didn’t think our relationship would take this turn today of all days. We talked in disbelief I was our relationship status Idk complicated not romantic but not forever done.

I tried to be strong thru the phone

I balled my eyes out I couldn’t stop why?

Because I had given the best of me I could ,I was free, I was open and I truthful for the first time ever .I was my naked self with baggage and to see it go it aches

And I started massive fires with the past to ease my pain which to be honest is the worst recipe for destruction

Idk. What’s next what will happen

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