What’s wrong …

I’ve been in the worst mood,I’ve felt oppressed by myself.I wanna handle things differently but I can’t .Ive ate junk food all week.Ive spent two days with out washing my hair and not using desodorante wasn’t important .I ate in and out twice .panda once and some bad magolian oh and little cesar and let’s not fail to mention I’ve had Starbucks at least three times. I’ve worked out ,I’ve donated my stuff.Ive avoided paying bills.Ive kinda of iced my friends.Have I some what fallen in a depressed state.I really don’t know,I feel stuck I feel lost.I was replaying Sam Smith over and over all I could do was ball out my eyes.I gave the cd to my cousin.

I feel sadness ,anger and at a loss of hope.I wanna over think things find answers when I know there’s really none.I can’t help but feel the way I feel and all in all I’m felt with none.Everything I would do before is simply not working and that makes me sad I don’t wanna be distracted like a mouse just not to feel.

Universe what did I do wrong? You can whisper thru my friends saying this is not about you.But trust me that doesn’t make it easier on my heart.It doesn’t,Ive been hurting I hurt more not knowing about you.Its like the rug got pulled from underneath me

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