Help please

Yikes I find myself here again asking for help, double thinking , thinking its the end of the road for me.I had just spent the happiest of birthdays and now I’m here crying over thinking things feeling confused not being fully present and really not wanting to do the things I like.I literally feel like Im waiting for someone who maybe doesnt feel the need to be with me and thats me running wild in my thoughts.I’m beating myself up i know I’m sigh.

I wanna , want to do better for myself I want to be better.I feel things were kinda falling and now I have fallen once again.I, oksy Im not crying but I’m literally not my best self.


Dude I miss you,you made the spring and the summer wonderful.I felt full again.I’m here I love you, I care about you.If my love or care towards doesnt mean a thing then I know where I stand.These pass two weeks have been painful.I know its been officiall a whole week since the tone has been set but its been two weeks since I last seen you.I ache for the time I’ll see you again.I fear you wont reply, or you simple stop caring.Dont push me away, JUST DON’T I’m here


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