Enough of the drafts

Hello greetings!!!!!

Can you smell october its literally about 48hrs away.Its been a better week forsure.I have set my mind to get my shit together “forreals” this time. If you  noticed my last couple blog post def not myself .I often miss the blog posts where I wrote about a specific movie,trip or new tip I tired.I hope to transition into that again and share my adventures as they are.The pass almost two years and mostly what this blog has been about is me trying to get back to writing along with my journey in my new self. It’s been a roller coaster and as much as it sucks I wouldn’t trade it for the world.I’ve done what I know how to do it get thru things and refocus regenerated my ideas and aim to be a better person.

I miss the person I have spent the last four months seeing and getting to know, I feel I need to mention that because I do.But I haven’t really taken charge in that situation as of right now.This is what is happening I could write endless feeling but I’ll keep it short.I miss you and I look forward to seeing you again.

The blog is getting an upgrade I’m so excited next  week I  will focus on getting my fitness game going, so excited for that.I will be doing more self care, watching what I eat taking care of the sleep I obtain etc.I have been diving into endless podcast and informative videos.I won’t lie I have watched my guilty pleasure of  keeping up with the kardashians.

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