Its officially October 1st and I can’t believe it as ecstatic I’m to kick off the month ,I’m also terrified.I’ve also gone into overload. Overloading on trying to do everything and even more.I decided to give my energy back to my blog even thought that’s a struggle with in its self.Trying to be a better person at work as I struggle to over come the struggles of daily work.I already feel kinda of stressing. So what will I focus on for this month ?

  1. Lose 10 lbs- I will be productively adding more physical activity and cutting back on eating out and  watching my diet.
  2.  Blog invested- trying to write at least once a week
  3. Cleaniness- cleaning my room, class and car
  4.  Have time for the little things even as I’m typing in class yawing my heart out
  5.  more self help books
  6. Take care of myself- body mind and soul- more pictures
  7. Document my 30 day serie for myself
  8.  See him!

With in all these goals I cant help but still feel hopeless lost and confused , I’m a over planner i like to plan plan.Even when I’ve stepped away from that its hard to see things how they are currently, I’m taking this month to put everything in prospective.

Ps. I went for a 2mile run and I already feel kinda drained :(:(



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