So like..

Well, I’m currently broke whats new….

My heart still hurts, I’m aiming to be better each day.I hate when people give me advice on my situation.I hate it.At this point it may not be my situation but then I wonder about it.I wonder.I wonder a lot and as my younger cousin Maritza would say girl then ask him.But I’m yet a coward, but I also don’t feel like I’m the one that needs to ask for answers.Mentally telling myself its over even thought it hurts,I feel each day that goes by he forgets me or IDK.I’ve been struggling with my weight I’ve also  be eating like crazy.My workouts are painful but next week I’m aiming to workout at 5am and stay on a diet.sigh I’m also  coaching Powderpuff and aiming to stay healthy sigh and mentally healthy.

I feel alone again I felt I had reached the mountain and somehow I got pushed down and that cut on my knee stung like a motherfucker and made me cry.I feel lost I know there are things I want but I also feel sour towards people.Like I feel these motherfuckers don’t care or they dont understand.I’m also in a part of life I simply don’t care.

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