A Weekend in October

This weekend was chill I spent saturday legit doing errands, from cleaning my room to clearing out anything I needed to do.I decided to do my hair wear relaxing clothes and feel like a person.The weather is starting to get chilly so its always hard to gage what to wear.It will be warm mid-day then in the evening its super chilly.I spent Saturday kinda of thinking of the football plays I need to come up with for the upcoming Powderpuff game ahh.I did an early Saturday workout to get my day kick started the workout was overall okay,workouts haven’t been there best but I’m still pushing.

Sunday I was looking forward to dinner with my cousin and sister.I spent the day getting ready for dinner and our painting pumpkins.I think My cousins pumpkin turned out great.We had dinner I enjoyed the dinner the food was overall okay just okay.Sigh I’ve been so exhausted that’s its crazy that I’m currently laying on my couch trying to finish this blog post and I’m falling asleep watching friends, I’m so exhausted.

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