Football,Pumpkins, and Love oh october!

It’s been a hectic times since the last time I’ve wrote geesh.I’ve wanted to write but it’s  been hard to write at work when they’ve blocked wordpress boo I know.I can still type, email myself and then copy it and post it thru my phone but yeah its been one of those times.I’m currently have castor oil thru my lashes as I’m trying to type this blog post.

So I decided to coach the girls powderpuff team at my school and yes that took a lot of time from my life it also brought me closer to him. I finally saw him after what had seemed  over a month.I saw and yes I still have feelings for him and miss him dearly.He helped me get some football stuff figured out and it was great to see him but also very hard.I miss him and I still love him and its tought because we aren’t together.

Our communication has been there but I’m also scared because at the end of the day we aren’t together and I fear the unknown.Football was kicking my butt i was tired and the long days where getting to me you see.I was timed out but it all worked out my girls lost but thank goodness my co-worker helped me out in the end.Last saturday my sister and I went to the pumpkin patch it was cool but god it made me miss him but its those moments where I wish I could share them with him.Anyways we enjoyed a new pumpkin patch and ate pizza it was divine.

The game was yesterday,i was honored educator for work and yes the day was hectic however I’m very grateful for the experience and being picked by my student.yet another week where my obession with my wieght has been there I know since he’s been out the picture the obession has been there.In addition i know  I don’t eat as well or simply don’t eat.I’ve also stressed and stress ate and honestly not rested like I would like to.

So game was yesterday we lost but it was a good game so i thought.i wanted to see him so i did i wanted to hug so i did.It didnt go as I planned but overall it I did see him and i did hug him.I miss him but as of right I just know things are like they are and I’m accepting that.When I saw him yesterday it was kind of a realtiy check of how things are.

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