Things going according to plan

After my breakup from my long term relationship, I came to terms that things aren’t going to go as plan and trust me its something I’m not very fond of I’ll admit and its been almost two years of struggles.Even now in the phase of my life where I’m not in a relationship but the person I dated a few months ago is still close to my heart i’m learning yeah things don’t go according to plan.A few months ago I was focused on myself then the summer came and it brought new adventures and new goals I was straving to move out this month and now I’ll admit I’m in more debt for irresponsblie acitivy and trips lined up thru half way for 2019 I know crazy. Is it something I want nope.Even now i want to go shopping but i feel ugh ugly and fat.I want to move out but I also know I’m not saving money and i’m not being very responsible i know  there  no crying on spilled milk but what can I do.

Not cry and get my shit together.I’ve been horrible at it and i Know there are a few things i want to start putting together. 1st credit card debit, loans debt and planning the move out.Its also very unmovating for me to move out because when I think of moving out I’m not fond of places I like.To be honest I’m super picky and places are very expensive ,i cant afford a house so yeah here we are my irresponsible decisions.

and now I’m checking my bank statements and loans statements.

leaving because now I’VE BEEN distracted by money. yikes night

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