I’ve been obsessive over the wrong things.I have people in the solar system of life that there existence makes me feel down and yes this may sound like a huge mental issue but let’s be real we all know people that when we know something about them we can’t but feel bad about our selfs.Anyways when I feel these people are ahead of me I always feel like man I’m behind or I would say to myself well at least I have this or at least I’m doing this.Sigh well you know what everything I have isn’t enough shame on me I know because nothing is ever enough. And yes yes I should be grateful and I’m I have friends I can count on they will return my call in 24hour for-sure they will.

So goals I have them but I’ve been on floating gear not dealing with them ,when I’m on a high I can conquer the world I’m positive but when I’m on a low I drown myself and my own existence.

So goals I wanna enjoy my vacations to my haters I have plenty planned.

I wanna have balance with my students the connections I’ve made over the years are meaningful.

Lose weight for myself before this wedding

Be honest with myself

Move out and afford it have money to sustain myself

Stay on a budget

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