Well…..you see

I’ve been on the high and the low and as I write this I’m kinda more low then high.Lets face it I’m still bitter and inch of bitter.I was replaying ariana grande song and gosh I can relate I’m so thankful for my ex’s but I still low key dislike the ex number ummm three .I dislike him because he seems to be in such a high he moved on and happy.Anyways like I’m some low key loser I’m don’t but that feeling comes and goes when I’m on a low like why he good and I’m struggling was I that evil that I had to learn more from this breakup then him and I haven’t gotten no happily ever after okay yes I’m being dramatic.But in my defense ummm I’m totally making sense.Im grateful for ex number three why because I met ex number four 🤦🏽‍♀️ and idk he makes me feel high and yes my cousin maybe reading this and saying let go of fishermen but I can’t right now.

Yes I’m at a low for overthinking over analyzing unsure data.sigh what can I do.ugh this man makes my heart forget everything before. Anyways I’m in bed in pain from whatever I ate feeling needy trying not to over think hmmmm and feeling bitter low key feeling broke and a tad on the bloated side.I miss my guapo so much😭

Oh and shout to the Canadian viewer on the blog!

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