Wild fire

Sigh…..I don’t know where to start.Its been a wild fire in my head in my heart as time does by I feel even more lost and confused yes I’m stuck on the same issue you see I struggle letting go.Im battling my feelings my highs and lows,what’s new you may say.I decided to focus on a personal project two of them actually and yeah they distract me and keep outta from feeling but then I find myself back in that corner wondering.

Today two people outta the blue texted me ugh I said to myself .Why can’t some forget me then I thought is this a test I fall for the trap and I text back you see I’m fuckin curious.They had me the bullet point most of the time of them has.Sigh things are so much better this year it maybe because I’m alone .

It’s weird today marks 9years of this whole life changing event and this person still manages to circulate somehow in my life thru a text as they always do.I wonder we never end in good terms what is it they want hmmm I wonder.

He acts like we are cool which we’ve never been but that’s not all that’s on my mind.Work rises some stress on me over careless items. I don’t know where I’m at with the 9year anniversary I’m I over have I cleared I really don’t know I’m better but I don’t know where I’m at.

The one on mind constantly sigh ….

I’m scared a part of me still views myself with him and I miss him.i wanna see him but that almost feels impossible ,fingers crossed 🤞🏻

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