once a upon a time

Once a upon a time I wanted to write, I wanted to share my experiences give my opinion on things and basically become a better writer.I like to consider myself a story teller.I love telling stories even thought sometimes it maybe pure chisme.I love making voices for the characters that popup in my story but I love telling them.I made a blog and I wrote about my trips my experiences, my adventures.I’d write stories that were partially non-fiction with a twist of fiction lets be real I don’t know what thats called.I loved to write like that because it always kept people guessing is this real or what but most of the time it wasn’t I like creating something that was inspired on something real. I spent two years making content for my blog living sharing and I low key had a fan base.I loved it, it was a running joke in my family omg you posted on your blog.My friends read my blog, my boyfriend at the time read my blog.Anyways the blog turned into a outlet for me to talk about my break and how I was dealing with it.I think at that point I stop caring.Now I write but its random.I maybe also in a part of life that doesn’t want to share and the things I  do share are vague and only the real ones really know. ugh.


Anyways.. I look back on this year and yes i’m thankful for all the lows and all the highs….

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