It’s been a damn near min and oh my goodness.I think its true when they say that January is a trial and error month forsure can I get a redo.It’s been hectic,me trying to do everything and everything but also been major slacking.I’ve also found with a lot of downtime a lot of revelation .Trying my best to not over work but I also be trying to take things with a grain of salt, whatever that expression may be.Keeping in the back of my head yes rome wasn’t built in a day.So work has been stressful a tad.I’ve been better about budgeting I also know that damn car accident is going to put a place and my bad spending habits for the fall have put me in a not so perfect place.It’s been rough,but also been very beautiful.The month January like always seemed only but also great.

I’ll recap, my room has been off and on the cleanness.The weddings I’m involved low key are stressing me out.I realize maintaining a social calendar can be stressful as well and that real friendship take work.Nothing is a one way street.I’m currently half way thru the new month of february and gosh it was high on stress but we’ll get into that later in the post , currently feeling a new high and excited to try new things.

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