So we are heading to Honolulu and yes, i’m ditching the cold and raining weather north california has to offer, I booked a trip to Hawaii when I wasn’t feeling my best but here we are ready to go and leave everything behind and enjoy 7 days on an island.My budget is tight but we made it thru. We arrived to Hawaii , and in that moment I really needed some sunlight the weather back home had been quiet shitty. The first two days the sun was in our favor we hiked and had loads of shrimp gosh I love the hawaii shrimp , driving around the island and enjoying the sunshine was fun. My favorite was spending time just looking at the waves I can truly say that’s something I enjoy oh so much.My sister and I had endless desserts during our stay in Hawaii we literally turned ten shades darker but we did a lot of exploring I’d like to say that it was something I needed.I did a lot of reflection and gosh I came back peaceful.The seven days in Hawaii the weather overall was literally all overall the place we stayed on the budget we say we came and explored I saw things I didn’t see before and even though at times I was tired I was home sick I still managed to make the most of my hawaii trip stay tune for my next post on my favorite things and must things see in hawaii while on a budget.

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