Five Favorites of Oahu

Hawaii was a breeze and even though I have return home I want to share Five of my favorite things to do in Hawaii that may be helpful in your next visit to Hawaii or your first visit to Hawaii.

1.Beaches and Beaches.Hawaii has many beaches to offer and the trick is finding a calm secluded beach me and my sister were able to find a few,unfortunately waikiki is a very calm beach but is always super crowded the bummer of waikiki is that even though its busy most of the people are just laying out and not even in the water.Another crowded beach is kauliki beach which is beautiful but parking is a tad hectic but worth it. My sister and I went over to Waimanalo beach which was perfect. Easy parking, good location and not at all crowded at times it was quite windy but overall perfect just to enjoy to yourself.

2.The sunsets in Hawaii are simply breathtaking,anywhere you find yourself it will take your breath away.One of my favorite was seeing it from waikiki beach right as the sun was going down.

3.Shrimp,Shrimp Shrimp, yes shrimp can be pricey but so worth it.I recommend the north shore but overall you can go wrong with any shrimp you try in Hawaii.My favorite are Big wave and Giovanni, decide weather you want to have an early lunch or a after lunch meal these are the best times to grab shrimp and avoid the long lines.Big Wave is delicious but Giovanni’s will always be crowded.

4.Hikes, Hawaii has short, long and medium types of hikes the views of these hikes are def worth exploring. The views overall are worth the body getting out there and breaking a good sweat.My favorite ones a pillbox,moana falls, and diamond head.

5.Moana center, yes I know it may sound a tad lame because it is a mall but its huge and there are endless things to find and you can never go wrong plus when traveling I’m sure you’ll find yourself either needing another bathing suit or simply getting some snacks at target.

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