Love again…

How crazy to have a Valentine again after two years.I had a valentine this year and I won’t front that truly brought a smile to my face getting a teddy bear and chocolates even though my current boyfriend loathes the idea of the silly holiday he did everything to make me happy.We spent the day in the city and explored .It was chilly but it was awesome to get out of the environment and just be together.We exchanged gifts, I won’t lie I find myself sometimes afraid of love because it’s so great and fear it will leave me.I’m happy,content and overall grateful. I will admit that he recently said I love you and to me it was beyond special because at some point of my life I thought i would never hear those words from someone.To live and explore again,I find myself in a new phase of life where anything could happen and life could go any direction,I’m excited to be in love again, to get to know myself and move forward on what life has to offer.Happy late Valentines day.

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