I’m not the bad girl

I ran into my ex a few days ago,and I won’t lie it’s made me feel a certain type of way.Its been two years and I won’t lie the pass 1st year and a half where hard as fuck and even tho I’ve moved on we both moved on he jumped the fuck of wait that’s unkind.He skipped on right within a month of stop talking to me the timelines ached finding out sucked.Im grateful for this breakup but the process sucked and seeing him I’m reminded and I won’t lie it’s blocked my mind.Maybe because I feel stuck in my new era,been on birth control still haven’t gotten use to it 🤦🏽‍♀️.Nonetheless I’m grateful for that breakup because many things came my way but the pain was tough the tears the heartache was real.It ended bad and I feel I’m the bad girl and I’m not ,I would feel stupid because I went to his job asking for answers and now I’m like fuck I should of made a scene damm right .none the less I’ve worked hard to move on and learn from all the struggles but I will not sit here and be made look like the bad girl with his girlfriend.leave me alone he loved me in the pass leave it there.stop bashing me.i know who I’m and where I’m going so grateful it ended just so disappointed that they weren’t who I thought they were #rant

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