What the blog was…..

I legit have three hours to write so stay tune, to new things,I miss my old blog I spent two years developing it, making as nowadays creators would say “content” for it , from random recipes, day trip adventures, reviews from local restaurants, my trips, my tips, even tv shows and book reviews.It was, what I was into at the time, I was taking pictures capturing the moments.I was going on hikes, I was traveling, I had formed a book club.Then my breakup came and when I’ve talked about this breakup, I reflect on it because.I often think it wasn’t the love that broke me.It was the idea that I was forced to deal with the issues, insecurities I had been holding up to that point for nearly 7 years.The blog then took a turn at first I kept wanting to push content to not think about my current state of mind.In it became an outlet for me to talk about my grief, my journey at that point very early but my feelings of how that breakup was affecting me in that point in time. I’ve changed I purchased this blog to restart all over as much as it ached to leave me other blog at the time I felt I didn’t have much time.It was with a push of a button. That it all left.My new blog hasn’t been what I wanted to be.It continued where my other one left off, still getting other that and moving forward.Dealing with my present day issues.

I stopped writing midway yesterday now I came to finish it, well stay tune.

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