Hello, I’m excited to say.. we have made it another decade and as we are only into day 8 of the new year and the decade its crazy to see this era quickly already moving.I started to do some type of blog since around 2011,I was inspired then by someone that was important to me at the time.Even he wrote more like love items on there and poems.I started to write about similiar items, I started to drifed and be more of my own.I would write short stories, I would write about adventures provide some memories , some advice in my blogs.I would recommend items ,places and so forth.Then I felt a sense of privacy striped away from me when I had been working on a solid two years on my blog.

I’ll keep it short I just felt like my room and space was rob from me, since then its been two years and I’ve payed the premium price for this site and still haven’t put much work on it.But I wanna make this what it once was for me a free outlet being able to share but feeling like I’m letting a stranger into my thoughts or at least not allowing them to have that power.

So brining back to writing the adventures, the struggles, the advice and everything peachy king that I love.I will be doing a 30 day challenge soon stay tune!

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