Welcome again,Allprettythoughts

Hola again, I believe this site is darn nearly two years old and maybe round 20th time in the revamping of it.Allprettythoughts was born after I decided to end my two year old blog that was my baby.I felt the need to want to write and share, but allprettythoughts wasn’t or is’nt what mybravediaries once was, to me,I used my blog then for putting my best work forward, or I thought I did, I had some followers and the views were always good.I shared many of trips on there and to be honest I even had guest writers.My friends where so supportive of mybravediaries, they raved about my blog.Until I pulled the plug on it,I never shared allprettythoughts with them, maybe fear,and maybe for that same reason, I stayed away.

Allprettythoughts came from me trying to be positive during a time I was being really negative.Also me being very green eye monster. I welcome you to my blog for the billionth of time as I pick up this hobby and ride with it.

Allprettythoughts is born from a first generation hispanic women, thru the adversity of being a Millennial and striving to be the best version of one self.
Be ready to indulge! and welcome again:)

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