5 favorite songs

Its hard to only pick five songs specially if your bilingual, if you know what I mean and if you are just super random when it comes to music.For me music moves in waved just like time, as I type I can literally already think of 10 songs.There are songs that were y favorite when I was a kid and others when I was a teen and maybe songs that will forever be my favorite.
“OKay we get it”-all readers as they read this

but I will keep it short and simple to my current 5 favorite songs.

1.So yesterday-Hilary Duff
why because with disney plus bringing the lizzie Mcguire show back I was able to binge watch the show at my hearts desires and it reminded me how much I love love this song and for that very reason it should be top of this list “so yesterday…” cheers for nostalgia I’m I right

2.Lose you to love me and Look at her now- Selena Gomez

Selena gomez dropped new music and I cant wait for her album and to get tickets for her tour, but thats another story.I’ve never been a huge Selena fan but I’ve always bopped to her music and these two new songs, I’m totally here for , if the album is a total flop I’m still here for these two songs and right now they are still on replay.Look at her now is truly the bop for a good work out and lose you to love me gets me in my feels.

3.Se preparo-Ozuna

This song was my confidence booster back in late 2017 and when I listen to this song I still gets all kind of empowered, love this song.

4.Tell Me you LOve me-Demi Lovato
Another song that when I listen to it I feel empowered even tho the lyrics are super needy in some way demi lovato is still having her voice heard.I’m also here for all new demi music.

And lastly but not least how could I almost forget…

5.Los Ángeles Azules ft. Natalia Lafourcade – Nunca Es Suficiente
This song gets me happy sad and dancing all at once its the perfect mash of cumbia and some romantic behind it.I think during the fall I literally played this 20 times on the daily

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