Things I want…but

Living in the consumer world we live in where there are ads literally on the hand of our fingertips and I follow accounts that rave about target deals and walmart deals.I also follow influencers that literally make a living of promoting or sharing their favorite items.I will not lie, I have become a victim to this.Maybe we all have in some shape or form.Today I was sitting at work and I was thinking I want an Ipad, an Ipad

so putting at my list of wants are an IPad
I dont just want to but a credit and swipe it up like I have with many things I have purchased in the past and truly I want to change, so I want to feel like i literally worked for it or that I earned it. So I will start saving for my ipad.Here’s a list of other things that maybe to superfacial so let me share them with you’ll

1.Ipad laptop
3. TV
Random stuff I maynot need but I think a list of three is to short again the consumerism and wanting more issue.
4.a dresser for the tv( tv stand)
5.drapes( i actually need these) or rollerskates(dont really need these but it be fun)

Anyways with that already said stay tune to my low buy year:)

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