10 favorite foods

I’m officially the most picky eater ever, and people that know me well will confirm that,yet when I’m first meeting people I aim to leave that detail about my self out but clearly as I get older I’ve become more yeah I’m picky so what!I also feel if your picky your less likely to get sick from food because you really aren’t going into the wild when it comes to food,you know what you like and you know what’s clearly safe here’s a quick list of my favorite foods in no particular order just as how they drop on my mind.

1.Mac and cheese, I’m a sucker for homemade Mac and cheese but chick fila also offers a really bomb on,or jacks urban eats too.

2. Tacos- any type of asada or grilled chicken everything matters and makes the tacos taste different from the salsa to the meat and the tortillas

3.Pizza-love a bomb pizza crust and cheese

4.Burgers cheese and bacon please

5pulled pork, yes love this stuff

6chocolate chip cookies

7 salads I’m a sucker for a fresh green salad with veggies and clean meat:)

8 I don’t know if it’s good but Mexican coke ,yes please

9.pozel- it’s a Mexican soup with salsa yes please

10.shirmp one of my favs

After writing this list forsure I got hungry

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