Emails are….

I remember when I had my very first email, they use to be a fun way to interact with people.I remember the famous aol, where I first had  internet and everytime you got an email it would say”you got mail”. The baby days of the internet ,oh how different is it now.Emails were fun, names nothing to serious, for me email names were also an  alien name even at a young age.

I think in my life time and that’s exactly about three decades old. I’ve had college emails, kid email and  work emails.For my personal emails, I always had fun once that nothing to do with my name I love that it kept me quite a mystery of identity. Now my personal email is more personal ,because I’m a responsible adult of course.

I go back to the sense that emails were fun because they weren’t a dump for ads.Now you’ll get a bunch of ad emails for stuff you probably signed up for endless subcriptions.My work email piles up quickly if I’m out for a day.My personal ones are high just because of the ads factor.

I miss when emails were just a way to connect with people now that we have so many social media outlets, emails truly aren’t that anymore.You could probably connect with someone quicker in a social media outlet.

Well bottomline emails are a drag now, and they use to be fun some how now it really does feel like mail at home, bills and ads:(

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