Why lizzie Mcguire won my heart all over

I originally got disneyplus because I do enjoy star wars and I was really looking forward to watching the new star wars series the mandolorin .especially when I was seeing all the fuzz all over the place the memes the blogs etc.I don’t wanna spoil it but it was very b rated and cute lol.

So of course I had to watch my show Lizzie McGuire. When Lizzie McGuire aired I was a young 7th grader and 8th grader so clearly the target audience was me.and I did dream to travel the oceans just like Lizzie. The movie was and is one of my favorite movies to date and at the time I lived via curiously thru the film I even went as far as buying the album.

So I sat and binge watch the whole two seasons of Lizzie mcgurie and I learned so much watching it as an adult.

1.the show had its up and down the Aaron carter episode wasn’t my favorite as an adult.

2.Lizzie was an all around character she had struggles any kid at that age did and she learned from them she always followed her heart even if at times she got carried away

3. Kate sucks

4Matt is hilarious and Lenny is the perfect amount of sugar

5you can see the cultural shift from them to now

6 gordo was the total babe and sweetheart he was def ahead of his time

7 hated that Miranda left and the order of the second season is off mirand character falls apart lot in the second season

8 Nathan isn’t your typical dream guy and to be honest not that cute

I can’t wait for the reboot. Even tho it’s currently on hold fingers crossed it’s steams soon please

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