It’s April oh my

So many things to look forward , just truly excited for this month lots of challgenes when it comes to looking forward and head.But also truly excited March was a blur and as I look back I can only think of one thing man summer is coming and this girl needs to reach some goals […]



I’ve felt alone and I don’t like it I’ve felt the need to cry in someone’s arms but I know that’s not gonna fix nothing.Ive thought of my ex and how sometimes I wish things were okay but there not.I feel betrayed and angry and I’m working on it but I’ve gotten tired of constantly […]


Lets catch up…

Hey… whats up… I’m in a funk and I don’t know were to drift.First of all the weather in nor california blows its been 30 degrees and its really cold.I simply can’t function.I’ll admit I’m grouchy most of the day and I don’t wanna bother with it.I want to eat because I’m bored yes I […]