Writing ghost

I haven’t been able to write well at least not like I use to.A part of me is fearful I’m afraid of who may read what I write and for it to be stolen .Its not even the been stolen part that gets me it’s the judgement.As you read this it may make no sense […]


Granted …

Granted I have a lot to share and I wish to share in the next coming blogs im still undecided what route I want to go with this blog weather I want to explore writing in Spanish or expanding my style in English or simple a combination of both. Granted it’s that time of year […]



All I want to do this moment ┬áis eat,I want to eat salty food, sweet food drink lots of soda and just drink flavorful drinks.No I’m not pregnant ,but gosh that be the great excuse to eat away, the colder months have arrived and yes I want to eat.Tomorrow I’ll head out to the city […]